Should I trust OptionDōjō predictions?

Absolutely not! Trust no one, and double check everything with multiple sources. Do your own research. Remember, OptionDōjō is only a machine, it does not know how to synthesize unstructured information the way a human can. Software is complicated, and often has bugs. I'm certain there are bugs in OptionDōjō, though I try to fix them as I find them. Be aware that OptionDōjō relies on various external data sources, each of which could also potentially have damaging bugs or inaccuracies. Your money is at risk, and OptionDōjō offers no guarantees. Invest with caution.

You don't track my favorite stock. Can you add XYZ ticker to the system?

Maybe. In general I try to limit the size of the tracked ticker list as computation is expensive and time consuming. If there is a lot of interest, and XYZ stock has sufficient stock and option volume (generally > 1mm in stock volume, and > 5,000 in front month options volume) I'll consider it. I prefer to stick to higher volume stocks in order to not waste time analyzing potential trades that will never fill.

I have found a terrible bug, can you fix it?

My goal is to have zero bugs on OptionDōjō. Send me an email with a description of the bug. If the email please describe what you did to generate the bug, send a screenshot of the page where the bug occurred, and include the URL of the offending page. If the bug is severe and interferes with normal operation, please put "P0 BUG" in the subject.

I have a great idea for a feature, can you implement it?

Maybe. Send me an email. Provide a good description if possible. If there is an algorithm involved, please provide it along with a worked example. If there is a GUI component, try making a sketch, take a pic, and attach the image to the email. If I like the idea as much as you do I'll add it to the dev list. I greatly appreciate any ideas to improve the product, and would love to hear your feedback.

My commissions are too high. How can I make money on a spread with an EV of $0.10/share when my commissions are $0.13/share?

You probably can't. You need a better broker. There are many discount brokers to choose from. Personally, I recommend Interactive Brokers. They have great tools and low commissions. If for whatever reason you cannot change brokers, then try trading much wider spreads, or spreads with greater delta.

What is a spread?

Uh oh. You need to do some homework before you start spread trading. I recommend Options For the Beginner and Beyond as a good starting point.

You don't track commodities! Why?

This is on my list. I'm working on it. For now I'm using commodity ETFs to fill the gap.

Can I have your source code?


OptionDōjō doesn't work on the Ipad. Can you fix it?

I'm aware of this. The javascript is pretty complex, and the layout very large. It will take some effort to produce a suitable experience on mobile devices. I'll get to this someday.

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